Family business since 1997

Our chocolate shop was established in 1997. The Tearoom was launched some years later by the children of the founder.

Short Story

In 1997 Françoise Thomaes started a modest chocolate store in Bruges with room to drink only hot chocolate. Real hot chocolate, made with artisan products like she uses in all her products.
Thanks to growth and succes her Daughter Barbe joined the shop after 6 years and her son Bram joined also 5 years later.
"Working together with your children is very special" said Françoise. "But working as man and wife seems more difficult to me as you then live together day and night. My kids have their own family so we all have our own lives."
Barbe added that she was unsirtain when Bram joined the shop.
"I worked with 5 years long with my mother en where completely in sinc. I am not the curagest person as my brother is always open for new ideas. So i didn't know if it all would work." It seemd to be incorrect fear as they now work as a good team for more then 3 years. Barbe and Fraçoise take the shop for their account, Bram accupies with the tearoom where he makes delicious waffles. His chef's training school helps him to do this.
Also sun Berend joined the team as backup for the shop and the tearoom and he is responsible for the online orders.

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