About Us

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If you’re having trouble finding us, just follow the smell of delicious hot chocolate to Mariastraat 1C , 8000 BRUGES.

And if you’ve already been to The Old Chocolate House do visit us again and write us or tell about us on social media.

In 1997 Françoise Thomaes started a modest chocolate store in the Mariastraat near the Simon Stevinplein in the heart of Bruges.

Thanks to a succesful growth , meanwhile 3 of her children have joined the business. Around 2008-2009 Bram started the tea-room. 

"We had the idea to start a tea-room where you can actually drink a proper hot chocolate, when we went for walks in winter, the only hot chocolate we could get was a heated cocoa powder drink or a too sugary Cécémel.

We remembered when we we're children when we wanted hot chocolate, we just put a pot of milk on the stove and threw some chunks of chocolate in it. And that is exactly what we want to offer our customers."

Françoise and Barbe are the heads of the shop, Bram is responsible for the tea-room and Berend runs the web shop and he helps where needed.

Most important we have an amazing crew of staff !


Serving hot chocolate

Bram, who has worked in several top restaurants started to make the family's famous Grandmother's waffles. These delicious waffles are made from an old, authentic recipy.
Soon after we also introduced delicious pastries and sweets.

Every season we try to have a new menu with some different varieties and flavors. 

This way, we can assure to have something for each customer.
Of course, you are also more than welcome to taste our freshly made tea and coffee.

As a family business we strive to give you a complete experience in a rustic and authentic interior in the centre of Bruges.

If you want to see our menu please click this link!